Living without fear and finding independence

For adults living at Disraeli Lodge, we build a support care plan which is tailored to each unique individual. This might include:

- Daily living tasks
- Personal care
- Health and medication support
- Budgeting and managing money
- Building links with friends, family and the community
- Social and leisure activities
- Support finding employment
- Making healthy lifestyle choices
- Help with tenancy management

Community engagement

For those both living at Disraeli Lodge and out independently, we have at team of people to support our residents and ensure they get out and about in the community. This team in particular supports our residents in activities such as:

- Public transport training
- Medical appointments
- Help with correspondence
- Fun excursions within the community
- Day trips and holidays
- Maintaining connections with friends and family
- Respite for parents for those living at home


You can be referred to our services by your local authority, or by contacting us directly.