Providing independent community care living for adults with disabilities.



Our Services 

We're all about supported living. We believe every person has the right to lead their own life, and to determine where, how and with whom they live.

We encourage independence for adults who require just a little bit of love and support by providing to one to one mentorship and 24/7 onsite support.

We're there when needed.

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Three homes in Putney 

Disraeli Lodge, Riverside Place and Putney Cottage (coming March 2019!) are charming terraced London buildings. The three homes have bright and airy communal spaces and both Riverside Place and Putney Cottage have their own patios.

All three homes are in Putney in South-west London. Close to the river, with an easy walk to both the tube and the trains. Add in the vibrant community life and the convenient amenities we are ideally placed for independent living.

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The Company

We're a Putney based, community driven care company. We believe that the holistic, person centred approach is integral to good care.

We believe that independent living should be available to all and work to ensure this is the case. Our onsite staff are trained to meet individual, singular needs. It's never one size fits all and we work with our residents to build their independence.  


“To see people with learning disabilities flourish when living independently - I believe we can make this happen.”

- Sohail Edwin, CLIA Care Founder